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This pages presents some source code packages that are more in-depth than the light-weight code slivers presented in the 4 examples page . If you are comfortable setting up your own Visual C++ projects, and are ready to play with some complete projects utilizing the Z Directory, you've come to the right place.

Here, you can download complete working Visual Studio projects that you can apply to your Z Directory libraries. These projects contain the [final] executable programs and source code. They are intended as examples for learning and study of how to use the Z Directory. They are freely available for all. Download them, try them, and use them to their fullest. Please note they are copyrighted and are not for resale as-is. However, you can use them as a learning example to guide the development of your products. If you want to modify or build these programs, you will need to have the Z Directory installed.

The packages are in zip file (.zip) format. You need an archiver program such as gzip, WinZip, or WinRAR to unpack them. Simply click on the "download" button for the package you choose, download it, save the archive, unpack it, and off you go (if the button doesn't work, try right-clicking on the button, and select "Save Link As...").

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textfile to HTML page generator, for "man" pages
this zip file contains a Visual Studio 2005 project, complete with data files. It is a self-contained program that processes all files within a specified directory. The files in this directory are reference manual pages for objects in the Z Directory. From these files, the program generates reference ("man") pages, in HTML format. This is not simply a learning aid: it is the actual program that Vettrasoft uses to create the web site's on-line reference manual. It is a complete, working program - you can even use it to create your own reference manual.

The newer version contains 2 projects: the "refman processor", and "stubber": a program that generates file "stubs" - empty files that are placeholders. these files are input for "refman processor". "Stubber" generates a set of files from a single file ("STUBS.txt"), which contains a list of file names.
FYI: "stubber" was written in an afternoon, on Wednesday March 23, 2011.

The source code is a very good example of Z Directory usage: the program gets all the files in a directory, then examines the file names to obtain the desired files. If you are curious about program evolution, you can download an older version and the latest version and compare (they are substantially different).

Many basic, commonly-used objects are involved here, including: rundriver_o, directory_address_o, file_o, flag_o, textstring_o, regex_o, kw_parser_o, rec_dbag_o, vordlist_o

download refman processor   Visual Studio 2005 - older ("February") version
  [.zip file: Visual Studio 2005 project + data files (4.7 MB)]

download refman processor   Visual Studio 2005 - latest version ("March")
  [.zip file: 2 Visual Studio 2005 projects + data files; 2.3 MB]

QIF file generator - Quicken Interchange Format
the zip file here contains Visual Studio projects (versions 2005 and 2008), with program already built, data files, and sample data set for GnuCash (v. 2.4.3). The project is a simple program that reads a data file containing accounting journal entries (telephone call detail record information), and creates a file containing the same data, in Quicken Interchange Format (QIF). This format is suitable for importing the transactions into the GnuCash ( [free] accounting program. A write-up about this program is available here .

This program was developed in-house at Vettrasoft by a Z Directory expert, in less than 1 day (Sunday March 6, 2011). This includes the entire software development life cycle, from design, to creation, debugging, and testing, to actual usage.

download QIF file converter   Visual Studio 2005+2008 & GnuCash version 2.4.3
  [.zip file: program + Visual Studio projects (2) + GnuCash dataset files (2.4.3) + other data files (1 MB)]

krypt: simple file encryption program
this zip file contains the program "krypt", a ready-to-use file encryption - decryption program. It can encrypt a file using a variety of cipher algorithms - even multiple algorithms on the same file. It is command-line driven. Source code and Visual Studio project file is included.

The source code provides an excellent source of examples in how to use a wide variety of Z Directory objects.

download krypt   krypt.exe, with Visual Studio 2005 project and source code

tiny sample code for "keyword processor" (test - example).
this zip file contains a complete, simple Visual Studio 2005 project. It uses 1 source code file ("my_mainkey.cpp"). The program simply instantiates a kw_parser_o object and parses a text string. It is a tiny example for how to use the keyword parser class, with some example usage of data bags. The executable program is included.
download keywords processor   [.zip file: Visual Studio project with source + exec (4.1 MB)]

(more to come)

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